P2PX is bringing the traditional banking and insurance to the crypto space.

P2Px is a strong ecosystem with a unique opportunity to offer users banking, insurance and crypto market services. Our services platforms will be including but not limited to crypto loans, guaranteed listed coin liquidity, life insurance, home insurance and more.

P2PX is the first and ONLY cryptocurrency to be the native coin in multiple platforms for extra value through use case demand! With our community of 60+ K people, we are proud to say that YES, IT IS POSSIBLE.

Our Features

Stay ahead of the competition. Here’s how.

Creative solution

Your brand speaks for you. Perfect web, social media, videos, emails, graphics, infographics...the world of creativity can be yours.

Strong messaging

Do not post just to post. Every word matters. We can help you to storytell the added value you are bringing to market, with the right channels and to the right people.

Protected team & company

In today's blockchain environment, scam is everywhere. Daily dealing with hacks and marketing campaigns against you is something every ICO/IEO project face. We have a solution.

Community growth

Gain more users, and bigger audience...but not any user - active. Community is the most important asset for your further grow and investors alway talk to them before choosing to invest. We can help.

24/7 presence

Global support team for both your work, and community. We have trained, experienced admins ready to help community members gain all the benefits you are offering them.

Strong team

Developer, marketing, sales, designers, admin, writer ...our talent pool is big enough to support you building a strong team, or outsource some activities.

Watch Our Story

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Our Services

P2PX team of creative and technology professionals will support your business to get a new, fresh look and better meet customer needs.


Thinking about entering the blockchain market? Do you have a right product-market-fit? What about competition and substitute products; regulations and how much all that const? Let us find answers for you.

Creative design

Winning brands have remarkable design, not because they are creative, but because they understand customer needs. Let us design for them - and that way keep them hungry to follow, like and always comes to you, firstly.

ICO / IEO / STO setup and launch

In blockchain competitive environment, you can not be just one of many, because nothings gonna be achieved that way. Our 5 years blockchain experienced team will help you find the best coin strategy, set up plan and start inspiring investors.

Marketing & Growth

Stay dominant. Choose the right channels to reach out to the target audience. Manage the engagement and make an extraordinary experience to them. Yes we know how.

Exchange listings

Looking for a good volume exchange? Let us help you. FInding a proper exchange listing with realistic fees and good volume is hard, but achievable. We know how to bring you the best deal on the market.

Team support

Trying to find a perfect team member? Or Advisor, or C-level? We can help you. Our strong network allows us to pick the best skill & expertise for you, and help you manage daily work.


Able to guide on tokenomics from beginning to end in all aspects, consultation on exchange Questions & Answers, Consultation on different strategies setup for telegram, airdrop, bounty, airdrop-bot etc… but also token audit, and exchange listing consulting and execution.

Our Pricing

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